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Remco Warrior Beasts Featured Image

Manufacturer: Remco
Year: 1983

Remco’s Warrior Beasts is one of the only 5.5 figure lines where all the characters are villains. Absolute monsters, not a single human among them! I really love that about them because I personally find most good guy figures to be pretty boring, (especially human ones). I almost always think the bad guys are way cooler than good guys. Like Dark Helmet says in Space Balls, “Evil will always triumph over good, because good is dumb.”

Remco used the same bodies from their Lost World of the Warlord line to make many of the Warrior Beasts, and they even marketed Warrior Beasts as the enemies of the Warlord himself. Nonetheless, Warrior Beasts are widely considered to be their own unique line, mostly because A) they are branded as “Warrior Beasts” and not as “Lost World of the Warlord”, and B) none of the Warrior Beasts ever appeared in the Lost World of the Warlord comic book.

Many Warrior Beasts use a scaly lizard body type not seen in the Lost World of the Warlord line. And one of them even has a tail! This separates them from most the other Masters of the Universe knockoff 5.5 figure series, which basically use the same exact humanoid body pieces for every single character and just slap different heads on top.

Speaking of heads, the Warrior Beasts have some of the most unique in the action figure world. Many of their heads look like someone chopped them off of cheap dollar store dinosaurs, (often called “chinasaurs” because they were usually made in China), and then stuck them on musclebound bodies. But not all of the Warrior Beasts look so prehistoric. Some have skull heads, one has a bird head, and another has a wolf head. Then add the fact that many of them seem like different versions of each other and should have different names, and you end up with one insane toy line!

The Figures

Warrior Beasts Craven
With his striking black and yellow color scheme and his bird shaped head on top of his lizard-scaled body, Craven is one of the most iconic Warrior Beasts. He is also one of the most difficult for collectors to find in good shape because the paint used on his chest is very glossy and chips off very easily.

If you like Craven, Zoloworld has put out several versions of him that you might like as well: Crowcor, Tomahawk, and Shadow Claw.

Gecko v1
Gecko v1 (AKA Gecko Version 1)
Gecko is the only Warrior Beast to have irises in his eyes. The rest of the figures either have only a pupil, or no pupil at all. Come to think of it, irises are pretty rare in the entire 5.5 figure realm. Gecko also seems to be the most common figure, so if you’re thinking about starting a Warrior Beasts collection, he’s a great place to start.

Zoloworld has put out a couple versions of Gecko v1: Gecko, and Gecko (Swamp Lizard).

Gecko v2
Gecko v2 (AKA Gecko Version 1)
Bit of an oddity with this one! This version of Gecko uses the same exact sculpt as Zardus (see below), but he has a blue torso instead of yellow. My guess is that Gecko v2 was most likely intended to be a variant of Zardus, but a factory error during the packaging process put Gecko’s name on instead of Zardus’s.

Warror Beast Guana
This is easily one of my favorite Warrior Beasts. With the head of a triceratops dinosaur and a fiery red and yellow color scheme, he looks ready to kick anyone’s ass! He is quite possibly the inspiration for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character known as Triceraton.

Warrior Beasts Hydraz
He might be the strangest looking Warrior Beast, and that’s really saying something! Hydraz is based on the mythical multi-headed Greek creature named Hydra.

Warrior Beasts Ramar American version
Ramar (American version)
One of the most difficult figures to track down because, as far as I can tell, he only came bundled with a chinasaur in the “Fire Dragon and Ramar Beast Team” set. I’ve never seen him being sold by himself. He is basically just a repaint of Gecko v1.

Zoloworld has put out a version of American Ramar that is very faithful to the original design: Ramar.

Warrior Beasts Ramar European version
Ramar (European verson, AKA Cheetohead)
This European version of Ramar is about as difficult to find as the American version of Ramar, and for the same reason: he only came in a bundle. The chinasaur sold with him was different from the American version, though. This version of Ramar is often called Cheetohead because, well, just look at that head! He uses the same color scheme as Guana, which makes me wonder if they ended up with too many Guana bodies and just slapped the Cheetohead on them to get rid of their inventory. I can only speculate. There just isn’t very much information out there about this line of figures.

Zoloworld has put out a few versions of Cheetohead: Ramyr (The Last Descendant), Ramyr (Slimed Drones), and Ramyr (Slimed Drones Holiday Exclusive).

Warrior Beasts Skull Face
Skull Face (AKA Skull Man v1, AKA Skullman v1))
Skull Face has been accused of being a rip-off of Skeletor. Remco eventually replaced Skull Face with Skull Man, possibly because they feared Skull Face’s resemblance to Skeletor might attract a lawsuit from Mattel. Skull Face was originally sold as Skull Man, but collectors often call him Skull Face to differentiate him from the latter version.

Zoloworld has put out a couple versions of Skull Face: Skull Man (NYCC 2019), and Skull Man (NYCC Exclusive). They also used his head sculpt for Acromancer (Overworld Edition).

Warrior Beasts Skull Man
Skull Man (AKA Skull Man v2, AKA Skullman v2)
This is the figure that replaced Skull Face, and he might be the most iconic Warror Beasts figure of them all. The head sculpt was originally used by Remco for their Jewel Thief figure, one of the rarest and most highly sought after 5.5 figures in the world. I personally like this version of the head better than the original hooded head used for Skull Face.

Zoloworld has used Skull Man’s awesome head sculpt for the following figures: Acromancer (Evil Warlock), Acromancer (Dark Warlock), Acromancer (Underworld Warlock), Acromancer (Harbinger of Havoc), Molten Meltdown Acromancer, Grooze-Sum, Yellow Hallucination, Amon Dark (Evil Demon), and Aquamancer.

Warrior Beasts Snake Man
Snake Man (AKA Snakeman)
Some have accused Snake Man of being a knockoff of Kobra Khan, but Snake Man was actually released a year earlier than Kobra Khan. It seems unlikely that Mattel stole the idea of Snake Man for Kobra Khan. The idea of snake men existed long before either toy company released these figures. In fact, the most famous snake man that predates both of these characters was actually a snake woman: Medusa! There are other big differences between Snake Man and Kobra Khan, like their colors are totally different, and Snake Man has a tail while Kobra Khan does not.

Zoloworld has put out a few versions of Snake Man: Sidewinder, Anaconda, and Copperhead.

Warrior Beasts Stegos
His name seems to suggest that he is based on a stegosaurus dinosaur, and he does have a dinosaur head. But his neck is much longer than that of a stegosaurus, and he doesn’t have the signature bony plates up his spine and neck that a stegosaurus has. With that long neck, he looks more like a brachiosaurus than a stegosaurus. Just another of those odd things about this series that makes me love them so much!

Warrior Beasts Wolf Warrior
Wolf Warrior
Wolf Warrior has been accused of being a Beast Man rip-off. I think that’s a bit of a reach. Everything about the two figures is different. Wolf Warrior is based on a wolf while Beast Man is based on an ape. Wolf Warrior is primarily gray while Beast Man is primarily orange. Wolf Warrior wears an animal fur while Beast Man wears metal armor. Other than they fact that they are both presumably mammals, I just don’t see the comparison.

Warrior Beasts Zardus
Definitely one of the most difficult Warrior Beasts to track down. That means he might also be one of the most expensive. The same sculpt for Zardus was used for Gecko v2 (see above), but I prefer Gecko v2’s color scheme.

The Wallpapers

Download 1920×1080 Warrior Beasts wallpapers!
Guana and Gecko v1
Gecko v2 and Snake Man
Hydraz and Stegos
Guana and Gecko v2 with Fire Dragons
Several Skull Mans
Skull Man and his bony friends

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