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Funko Savage World Horror Icons Featured Image

Manufacturer: Funko
Year: 2019

Funko has put out a few different 5.5 figure series, but since half the fun of 5.5 figures is often their utter weirdness, I wanted to start with the most quirky Funko 5.5 figure series of all: Savage World Horror Icons!

It’s safe to say that nobody saw these figures coming. Mixing horror movie icons with the barbarian stylings of 5.5 inch figures is a pretty odd idea. There’s really no other similar example that comes to mind. Unlike video game characters and Saturday Morning Cartoon action characters, Freddy Krueger and Pinhead simply aren’t known for having lots of muscles.

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But the weirdness doesn’t stop there! In true 5.5 figure tradition, some of the names on the packaging are wrong! Thats right, Funko inexplicably misspelled “Freddy Krueger” and “Michael Myers” on the cards.

These figures also have another annoying peculiarity that many other 5.5 figures series have: some of their weapons are too thin for their hands to hold properly.

I’m not really a conspiracy theory guy, but I’m half tempted to think all of these “issues” might even be intentional. You can’t deny that they are the sort of troubles that 5.5 collectors are used to seeing so often that they become practically endearing.

The Figures

Funko Savage World Horror Icons Freddy
Freddy Krueger (misspelled as Freddy Kreuger)
Freddy’s signature fedora became a hood similar to Skeletor or Skull Man, and his signature red and green striped sweater has become more of a tattered sash. His glove is an awesome accessory, but the best part about him is how he feels in your hands. The texture of his burnt skin is like pure hand candy. I honestly didn’t think I would like him very much, but he turned out to be one of my favorites because of how much fun he is to play with.

Funko Savage World Horror Icons Jason Voorhees
Jason Vorhees
His sculpt is fantastic. With his ribcage exposed through his rotting torso and his skull peeking through the side of his mangled face, he is truly gruesome! The only real drawback Jason Vorhees has is that his axe is too skinny for his hand. The handle of his machete is too thin as well, but the hilt prevents it from slipping right through his fingers. If there was a popularity contest among the figures in this series, there is a good chance Jason Voorhees would win.

Funko Savage World Horror Icons Leatherface
He wins the contest for the best accessories. Similar to Trap-Jaw, he has weaponized hand attachments, namely a large mallet and his signature chainsaw. He also wins for having the most blood splatter on him, but really because he’s the only one with blood splatter on him. The most odd thing about him is that his pupils are squares instead of circles. No idea why.

Funko Savage World Horror Icons Michael Myers
Michael Myers (missspelled as Michael Meyers)
Fans of the mute murderer from the Halloween movies are sure to love the sculpt of his iconic mask. It’s perfect! And so are his mechanic’s overalls. He comes with two kitchen knives, but they are both too slim for hands. They often fall right out, which is a bit of a bummer. His card is oddly specific in informing us that he is from “Halloween Resurrection” instead of the Halloween series in general.

Funko Savage World Horror Icons Pinhead
He wins the contest for the most accessories. He comes with a huge serrated knife, one of his signature meathooks, and of course his iconic puzzle box, AKA The Lament Configuration. He’s got that slick and shiny leather look and his cut flesh looks wet with gore. This is an absolutely amazing figure! Interestingly, his card lists “Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth” instead of just “Hellraiser”. Rumor has it this is probably because of movie title licensing shenanigans.

The Wallpaper

Download a 1920×1080 Funko Savage World Horror Icons wallpaper here!

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