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Guerreros del Mañana featured image

Manufacturer: Unknown
Year: 1985

Guerreros del Mañana, (Spanish for “Warriors of Tomorrow”), were manufactured in Argentina, a country that was isolated from the international toy market. These figures are like platypuses or Galapagos marine iguanas: they are unique, bizarre, and can’t be found anywhere else!

While most 5.5 action figure lines are based in the fantasy genre, Guerreros del Mañana’s space helmets and robot arms make it clear that they are inspired by science fiction. They look like outer space aliens abducted the Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Warrior Beasts, and Galaxy Warriors to genetically engineer a superior race of 5.5 figures – but they ended up botching the experiment and dumped the resulting freaks off in Argentina to cover them up!

Because these are basically only available in Argentina, they are almost impossible to get your hands on. Even if you live in Argentina, they are not easy to find. And if you DO happen to find any, you’re probably going to have to pay out the ass.

This series has a lot of fans, and it’s easy to see why. There’s even a couple Guerreros del Mañana comic books!

The Figures

Guerreros del Mañana Abhorrens
Looks like Thundercats’ Slithe if he came from another planet.

Guerreros del Mañana Andros Kan
Andros Kan
Barbarian from space! He has the face of Man-at-Arms from Masters of the Universe.

Guerreros del Mañana Bicefalus
Seems inspired by Two-Bad from Masters from the Universe, with a little Modulok thrown in.

Guerreros del Mañana Blackbird
There are many knockoff figures that have wings on the side of their helmets , but this guy really makes the look work. Looks like he might be on a team with Kalaver and Monster King.

Guerreros del Mañana Carcanet
He’s got some crazy looking robot arms, and they they aren’t even the craziest arms in this series!

Guerreros del Mañana Cibertrhon
This is clearly a knockoff of Spikes from Galaxy Warriors. In my opinion, Spikes looks way better. And has a name that’s way easier to pronounce.

Guerreros del Mañana Diopshak
The second knockoff of Thundercats Slithe in the series. I have no idea what’s going on with his head, but it’s pretty frickin sweet!

Guerreros del Mañana Dr Kwyzan
Dr Kwyzan
His head looks like a rocket ship! He has a drill for one hand and a claw for the other! Is he the coolest 5.5 figure in the universe?

Guerreros del Mañana Horakis
This guy clearly supports his right to bear arms. Really, really crazy ass arms.

Guerreros del Mañana Kalaver
He is a knockoff of Skull Man from Warrior Beasts, but he still has a style of his own. Seems like he might be on the same team as Blackbird and Monster King.

Guerreros del Mañana Lagarth
A clear knockoff of Snake Man from Warrior Beasts, right down to the tail.

Guerreros del Mañana Monster King
Monster King
This freak also likes wings on the side of his head and seems like a member of the red team, along with Kalaver and Blackbird.

Guerreros del Mañana Warrior
Wow, I wonder how much R&D went into coming up with that name. This guy seems like he is probably the leader of the good guys because he’s so generic and plain.

The Wallpapers

Download 1920×1080 Guerreros del Mañana wallpapers!
Bicefalus, Diopshak, and Carcanet
Horakis, Dr Kwyzan, and Abhorrens
Warrior, Kalaver, and Cibertrhon
Blackbird, Lagarth, and Monster King

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