Galaxy Warriors

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Galaxy Warriors Featured Image

Manufacturer: Sungold
Year: 1983

Galaxy Warriors is probably the most well-known knockoff (rip-off) of Mattel’s Masters of the Universe (MOTU) line. In fact, more action figure manufacturers knocked off Galaxy Warriors than they did MOTU! Notable examples include Sewco’s Galaxy Fighters and Mannix’s Galaxy Heroes.

Frank Frazetta’s Influence

While MOTU was the biggest influence on the size and shape of the figures, the artwork of Frank Frazetta was the biggest influence on the actual character designs. And “influence” is putting it lightly, considering that most of the Galaxy Warriors art looks like a direct rip-off of specific Frazetta paintings!

The Galaxy Warriors logo was practically copied off of Frazetta’s painting called Against the Gods:

Galaxy Warriors logo compared to Frank Frazetta's Against the Gods

The Galaxy Warriors box art combines The Destroyer and Tyrannosaurus Rex:

Galaxy Warriors box art compared to Frazetta's The Destroyer and Tyrannosaurs Rex

The Galaxy Warriors card art is a slight variation of Frazetta’s Warrior with Ball and Chain:

Galaxy Warriors card art compared to Frazetta's Warrior with Ball and Chain

It’s undeniable that Frank Frazetta’s artwork was heavily leveraged for Galaxy Warriors marketing material. But Sungold didn’t stop there! The characters in the Galaxy Warriors line are also inspired by Frazetta, with some even being able to be traced to a specific Frazetta painting.

The Figures

Galaxy Warriors Anubi
Frank Frazetta painted many images of werewolves, and Anubi is most likely a nod to this fact.

Galaxy Warriors Baltard
This guy has a lot of die-hard fans, and is possibly based on Frazetta’s Swamp Demon:
Frank Frazetta's Swamp Demon

Galaxy Warriors Dino Man
Dino Man
Frazetta painted a lot of dinosaurs, but Dino Man hasn’t been traced to a specific piece of Frazetta artwork.

Galaxy Warriors Dragoon
This character is likely an homage to the many dragons that Frazetta painted.

Galaxy Warriors Huk
Huk was directly lifted from The Snow Giants. His beard is not as long, but his helmet is the same:
Frank Frazetta's The Snow Giants

Galaxy Warriors Magnon
The helmet of this character seems to be based on the one worn by the hero in A Fighting Man of Mars:
Frank Frazetta's A Fighting Man of Mars

Galaxy Warriors Sahak
I haven’t found any Frazetta paintings of snake-headed men, but he certainly painted a lot of giant snakes!

Galaxy Warriors Spikes
While some of the characters only seem “inspired” by Frazetta’s work, this guy comes directly from his artwork titled Atlantis:
Frank Frazetta's Atlantis
Note: the Spikes above is actually from the Galaxy Fighters line, which is a knockoff of the Galaxy Warriors. But the figure is similar enough to show the comparison… in fact the Spikes from the Galaxy Fighters line looks EVEN MORE like the painting!

Galaxy Warriors Thor
Thor is the odd man out… he can’t be traced to any Frazetta influences and he looks a lot different from the other characters.

Galaxy Warriors Tiger Man
Tiger Man
Frazetta painted a whole lot of tigers, including some of his most popular pieces. Tiger Man most likely pays tribute to these.

Galaxy Warriors Triton
This character is most likely based on Frazetta’s paintings of John Carter of Mars.

Galaxy Warriors Ygg
This is one of the only characters that is definitely not inspired by Frazetta’s works. Instead, Ygg is based on a piece Charles Moll did for the cover of a book called Visions of Tomorrow:
Galaxy Warriors Ygg compared to Charles Moll's Visions of Tomorrow

Download a 1920×1080 Galaxy Warriors wallpaper here!

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