5.5 Figure Lines

Funko Savage World Horror Icons Featured Image

Savage World Horror Icons

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Funko has put out a few different 5.5 figure series, but since half the fun of 5.5 figures is often their utter weirdness, I wanted to start with the most quirky Funko 5.5 figure series of all: Savage World Horror Icons!

Guerreros del Mañana featured image

Guerreros del Mañana

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Guerreros del Mañana, (Spanish for “Warriors of Tomorrow”), were manufactured in Argentina, a country that was isolated from the international toy market.

Remco Warrior Beasts Featured Image

Warrior Beasts

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Remco’s Warrior Beasts is one of the only 5.5 figure lines where all the characters are villains. Absolute monsters, not a single human among them!

Galaxy Warriors Featured Image

Galaxy Warriors

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Galaxy Warriors is probably the most well-known knockoff (rip-off) of Mattel’s Masters of the Universe (MOTU) line. In fact, more action figure manufacturers knocked off Galaxy Warriors than they did MOTU!